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Arable Land for sale

38.33 Acres, Arable Land, North Kelsey, Lincolnshire, LN7
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Property description

For Sale by Informal Tender - Tender Date is Friday 2nd June 2017
The Property is offered for sale by direction of G W Neve & Son. The land extends to 38.33 acres (15.51 hectares) of bare, grade 3, arable land situated in 4 separate compartments.

By direction of G W Neve & Son. The property is offered for sale either as a whole or up to 4 separate lots. It comprises 38.33 acres (15.51 hectares) of Grade 3, arable land.

The land is situated to the east of North Kelsey village and can be accessed from both Cross Lane and Station Road. North Kelsey lies about 9.5 miles north of Market Rasen and 6.5 miles south of Brigg.

The land is classified as Grade 3. The soil type is known as 'Blackwood' which is described as being a deep permeable sandy and coarse loamy soil, suited to the growing of cereals, potatoes and sugar beet.

Lot 1 Red TA0502 - 4509 - 12.13 Acres (4.91 hectares):
Access to Lot 1 is provided via field gateways leading directly to the public highway at Cross Lane and Station Road.

Lot 2 Blue: TA0502 - 5104 - 6.97 Acres (2.82 hectares):
Access to Lot 2 is also provided via field gateways leading directly to the public highway at Cross Lane and Station Road.

Lot 3 Yellow: TA0501 - 6399 - 14.26 Acres (5.77 hectares):
Access to Lot 3 can be further achieved via Cross Lane and Station Road.

Lot 4 Green: TA0501 - 7771 - 4.97 Acres (2.01 hectares):
Access to Lot 4 is directly onto the public highway at Station Road.

Method of Sale:
This property is offered For Sale by Informal Tender. The closing date is Friday, 2nd June at 12 noon. Offers should be sent to Perkins, George Mawer & Co, Corn Exchange Chambers, Queen Street, Market Rasen, LN8 3EH.
Offers should be made in accordance with the details provided in the accompanying covering letter.

Tenure & Possession:
Freehold. Vacant possession will be given on removal of the growing crops and associated aftermath.

Holdover may be required in order to harvest the 2017 growing crops, subject to the date of completion.

Cropping Schedule:
Backcropping is available on request.
Lot 1 - (2017) - Winter wheat/Fallow
Lot 2 - (2017) - Spring barley
Lot 3 - (2017) - Potatoes/Spring barley/Fallow
Lot 4 - (2017) - Spring barley

Basic Payment Scheme:
The Basic Payment Scheme entitlements are as follows:
Lot 1 = 4.90 NML
Lot 2 = 2.82 NML
Lot 3 = 5.77 NML
Lot 4 = 2.01 NML
The vendor will submit and be the beneficiary of the 2017 BPS claim.
The entitlements are included with the relevant lots

Cross Compliance:
The vendor will be responsible for Cross Compliance up to the date of completion or the termination of the holdover period. The buyer will take over the Cross Compliance obligations on completion or at the termination of the holdover period and will indemnify the vendor for any non-compliance which results in a penalty or reduction in the vendors payments under the Basic Payment Scheme.

Wayleaves, Easements and Rights of Way:
The land is sold subject to and for the help and benefit of all existing rights, including rights of way whether public or private, light, support, drainage, water and electricity supplies and other rights, easements, quasi-easements and all wayleaves whether referred to or not in these particulars.

A public footpath crosses Lots 1 and 2.

Sporting, Timber and Minerals:
The sporting rights, mineral rights and timer, except as reserved by statute or the Crown, are included within the freehold.

Plans & Area Schedules:
These have been prepared as carefully as possible and are based on an Ordnance Survey Promap (1:4,500) scale plan. The plan is for illustrative purposes only and although it is believed to be correct, its accuracy is not guaranteed.

Should any dispute arise as to the boundaries or any point arising in the General Remarks and Stipulations or Particulars of Sale, schedule, plan or interpretation of any of them, the question shall be referred to the arbitration of the selling agent, whose decision acting as expert shall be final. The purchaser(s) shall be deemed to have full knowledge of all boundaries and neither the vendor nor the vendor's agents will be responsible for defining the boundaries or the ownership thereof.

Should any sale of the land, as a whole or in lots, or any right attached to it become a chargeable supply for the purpose of VAT, such tax shall be payable by the Purchaser in addition to the contract price.

There are no services connected to the land.

Brochure Details:
This brochure including plan was prepared by Perkins, George Mawer & Co. in accordance with the sellers instructions of April 2017.

Interested parties are free to inspect the land during daylight hours with a set of particulars to hand.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday : 9 am to 5.00 pm - Saturday 9 am to 12.00 pm

Interested in this property? Call us on 01673 843011
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